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I am selling all creations NOW!!!

Would you like to buy alissia?

After nearly 4 years I would like to sell alissia now.

I will sell EVERYTHING and you will get all creations.

I will ensure that I can pass on all of my work to an entity which is able to make use of my creations.

Please get in touch if you are interested!


Coding Station

What will you get?

1. The complete source code and level designs from the Unreal Engine 4/5 projects. 

2. I will make sure that you get the full knowledge transfer and an introduction to all projects. 

3. Everything that you can see within the Creations section is included withing the purchase in terms of the creations.

What is required?

You will need to have Unreal Engine developers or a game studio which can support you to bring everything to live.

All projects have the level design ready and you can build on top of it. Implement your own game logic or avatar solution or use the designs as a quicker starting point for your individual projects.

Everything can get used or completely changed based on your ideas.

This will save you a lot of time and money!

Video Game Designers




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Thanks for reaching out!
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