What the Metaverse?!?

ALISSIA SPACES is a Metaverse-project from Bosco Bellinghausen.

Bosco is an entrepreneur and tech artist from Munich.


He created different virtual worlds and 3D experiences over the last 3 years completely on his own.

He will reveal his newest creation at the 27.10.2022 in Berlin.

Besides this, he talks and consults about Metaverse and Blockchain-related topics and helps in finding standards in regards to Privacy & Security for the upcoming Metaverse.

He invented the term and definition "A/THE METAVERSIAN"
in early 2021.

"A Metaversian is a human on its way into the upcoming Metaverse. Humans on earth and avatar in virtual worlds until both merge into ONE reality - the digital twin reality.
A Metaversian acts as an individual avatar for our avatars.
A "Privacy Shield" which protects every user.
For me the Metaversian is my future digital twin!"

Bosco is using his alias The Metaversian for his meta consulting and art activities.

He is the original rights holder of the term and word The Metaversian because it's Bosco!

Screenshot 2022-09-20 111142.png

ALISSIA will reveal the new Alpha at the 27.10.2022 in Berlin!

Partner Showcases:
13:45 - 14:10pm

Deeper insights into 3 Companies -> 6 min + 3 min Q&A