Hermine Bourdin

NFT artwork within a virtual world?

Hermine Bourdin is an artist from France and she wanted to have a virtual world

to showcase her NFT art within an immersive environment.

Have a look how we translated her wish into a virtual SPACE.



Indie Town

Indie Town is the place for emerging music artists.

Discover music within a little town environment.

Right now you can discover some of the hottest new music artists from different genres.

The SPACE will grow and emerging artists will be able to rent an own little space

for just € 19.99 a month.

Renting a small space will be available November 2021.




Morning Mars LP Showcase

This is a SPACE created for the Italian artist and music producer Claudio Vittori.

He wanted to have an immersive way to present his new songs of the upcoming new album "Morning Mars".

Have a look how we translated his vision into a nice walk-able discovery playground.





The art SPACE is just one out of several possibilities how to present art in a new way. We concept, design and turn different visions and ideas into reality.

If you are a museum or art gallery please feel free to get in touch because we can help you with your individual digital twin.

Users can really dive into the scene without a VR headset. This possibility is very suitable for on sight locations which would like to open up to the world in a digital way.

Exploring new art and collections in a new way.

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