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The first piece

Welcome to's "Creations" section, where every project is a testament to our founder's dedication and vision.

Our journey began with "#1," a pioneering venture born from a blend of passion and perseverance. Despite technical constraints and steep learning curves in optimization and asset management, our commitment never wavered. The result was a residential villa, our first foray into architectural design.

#1 was an ambitious endeavor to redefine gaming, crafting an immersive shopping and social experience rather than traditional gameplay. We invite you to witness this vision come to life in the video clip.

Though we acknowledge room for refinements today, #1 remains a proud symbol of our roots and our relentless pursuit of excellence. When you place a bid, you're joining us on this transformative journey.

Creation Year: 2019


Virtual Commerce in 2020

Welcome to vMall, a revolutionary concept that emerged from alissia's innovative approach to e-commerce. This is where e-commerce transcends into vCommerce, creating a more immersive, life-like online shopping experience.

vMall is the manifestation of our vision to transform the way we shop online. It introduces a dynamic marketplace teeming with diverse stores catering to an array of needs, from high-end fashion to lifestyle products and beyond. By leveraging the power of immersive technology, we've created a shopping universe that's as captivating as it is convenient.

To truly appreciate the transformative power of vMall, we invite
you to explore the showcase of brands we've curated. This collection is a testament to the potential of vCommerce to elevate traditional shopping to an engaging, interactive experience.

vMall, conceptualized and brought to life in 2020, is more than just a marketplace. It's a new paradigm in online shopping, breaking down boundaries and redefining what's possible.

Creation Year: 2020

Save Island

A place with a purpose

Welcome to Save Island, a unique creation birthed from the inspiring journey of alissia.

A natural progression from our inaugural project, "#1," Save Island was designed as an engaging hub for shopping, conferences, music, entertainment, and infotainment.


This project was our first to be driven by a distinct purpose and, indeed, it was an endeavor of Herculean proportions. Transcending from a small 3D experience to an expansive open island brought its share of challenges and learning curves. The dedication and hard work invested were immense, but the results, as you will see in the accompanying clip, were gratifyingly worth it.

Incepted in 2020, Save Island is far from perfect and requires optimization for a full-fledged launch. However, its existence and functionality mark a significant milestone on our journey.

Our journey with 3D began in 2019, not merely because we saw it as the future, but due to a vision to harness 3D worlds as a tool to liberate humans from social media algorithms and digital echo chambers, which while innovative, have also become a curse.

Save Island was conceptualized during the largest Hackathon in Germany, "Hack The Virus," aimed at rapidly generating solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our proposal was a virtual COVID information center offering an immersive and understandable way to disseminate information. While the concept was too ahead of its time in 2020, it reaffirmed our conviction in a fair virtual playground as a countermeasure against digital manipulation, social media bubbles, and fake news.

Save Island invites you to explore a myriad of experiences, beginning with the Covid center and the "Good Cause" float. As you venture further, you'll find different areas designed for varying purposes.

In a world gripped by the pandemic, Save Island was envisioned as an oasis where one could momentarily forget the harsh realities outside, meet friends, shop, enjoy better conference experiences than traditional video calls, and even party or watch a movie.

Explore Save Island and discover its hidden wonders.

Creation Year: 2020


The first true masterpiece! 

Introducing ALISSIA SPACES, the natural progression of our journey at alissia and a bold step into the realm of "Metaverse-like" experiences.

As we sought to transcend the barriers of traditional digital environments, ALISSIA SPACES was conceived. Working with a selection of showcase clients, we crafted and designed the immersive experiences that await you. A key enhancement was the introduction of an avatar system, further enriching the user experience.

The concept of ALISSIA SPACES hinges on the idea of a starting point, a home base for your journey into the burgeoning Metaverse. It is our interpretation of a "Metaverse Gateway," a network of interconnected virtual worlds navigable with a single avatar and account.

Each user is accorded their personal space, fostering a sense of belonging and identity within this vast digital universe. ALISSIA SPACES was, and still is, our vision of the Metaverse, a tangible embodiment of our understanding of this revolutionary concept.

Embark on your journey into the Metaverse with ALISSIA SPACES.

Creation Year: 2021

Winter Wonderland 2021/2022

Our passion - User Experience

alissia embarked on a pioneering journey into the realm of 3D experiences with the debut of "#1," our inaugural venture. This project stands as a testament to our innovative spirit and the start of our transformative journey.

In the festive season of 2021, we launched Winter Wonderland, a vibrant celebration of music and visual arts. Inspired by the tranquil beauty of the Alps, it embodies our commitment to deliver unique, immersive experiences.

In 2022 have created "Winter Wonderland 2022," a platform dedicated to virtual fashion.

Developed using Unreal Engine 5.1.1, it showcased groundbreaking features like Nanite and Lumen. Remarkably, the entire project was executed within a swift four-week timeframe.

The journey of alissia continues, driven by innovation and resilience. From our initial steps with "#1" to the recent Winter Wonderland 2022, we're dedicated to pioneering new realms within the virtual universe.

Through platforms like vMall, Save Island, ALISSIA SPACES, and Winter Wonderland, we aim to redefine the digital landscape.

Join us as we explore, innovate, and create within the Metaverse.

The future holds endless possibilities with

Creation Years: 2019 - 2022 and beyond.


The Metaverse

Presenting the latest milestone in alissia's innovative journey - our most recent project, brought to life within three months only working nearly 24/7. This venture marks a pivotal transition in our technological capabilities, as we upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.27 to Unreal Engine 5.

This transition didn't just bring about an upgrade in technology; it revolutionized the level of fidelity, visual aesthetic, and overall user experience. Our latest creation is nothing short of groundbreaking, redefining our own standards and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

At, we believe the Metaverse should not just be a technological marvel, but a visually stunning and immersive experience that can captivate millions of users. This project is our vision of the Metaverse, encapsulating our dedication to innovation, aesthetic excellence, and an unparalleled user experience.

Join us in embracing this new era of the Metaverse with, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality. The journey of innovation continues, and with each step, we aim to make the Metaverse a place for everyone.

Creation Year: Current and progressing.

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