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What if you can talk to AI like you would do with a human?

Say Hello to our AI Agents - the "A-gents"!

We have created three showcases which give you a better feeling of how such a communication between human an AI can look like.

We are able to design the spaces for your A-gents and consult you in how to implement everything on your own.

For the showcase we have picked one MetaHuman avatar and created three totally different personas.

Jane: Your personal fashion assistant

Lisa: Your real estate agent

DJ Eris: Your individual music expert

Have a look how our A-gents react to the user!

This will change a lot in terms of how you as a brand will be able to communicate with your customers and how they can interact with you in a very human centered way.

Here are some examples of how you can use our A-gents:

1. Sales
2. Customer Care
3. Support
4. Tour Guide
5. Brand Ambassador


There are already diffferent service providers who are offerring the needed AI solutions.

Inworld AI




Here is another example of how to use AI.
This time we were using D-ID (

We have created the video clips and then imported everything into the Unreal Engine 5 to give everything the final touch.

This shows what's possible today with the power of AI!

Reach out to us, if you would like to get an own experience!


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