ALISSIA SPACES - Your Metaverse Gateway

ALISSIA SPACES is a new virtual world which will host up to 100 individual virtual worlds (SPACES). All 100 SPACES will be NFTs and the owners of the SPACES will be able to develop their own land as they would like to.

SPACES can be used just for promotion purposes to showcase new products or host own events. But, the possibilities are not limited to just having one single 3D experience.

Owners will be able to create individual virtual worlds with a complete infrastructure. Buildings, shops, clubs, fair trades...only the imagination is the limit!

That way ALISSIA SPACES offers a completely new way of how to engage with fans, customers and clients.

Brands, artists and communities will be able to always protect their own CI and identity since SPACES are designed by the rules of the owners.

The special thing is that users will be able to visit all SPACES with their highly customizable avatar without switching the platform.

This will enable a friction less immersive experience.

The focus of ALISSIA SPACES is Art!
Music, Fashion and NFT Art.

SPACES owners will be brands, artists, museums/galleries and communities which will enhance the overall experience with their own worlds.