I am Bosco Bellinghausen,
The Metaversian

I ask myself back in 2019 what's next in terms of entertainment?
Everything became an app and everything was 2D apps and websites. Boring!

Furthermore I as an entrepreneur needed to do something in terms of the biggest problem of our human society - digital manipulation through fake news.

My solution to this was a 3D virtual space without any algorithms.

The spaces needed to be designed in such a way that you can entertain yourself within the space. Without the need for algorithms to tell me what to do.

I got started and taught myself how to develop 3D experiences with the Unreal Engine. I never did something like this before in my life and I am not a gamer.


I taught myself everything via YouTube tutorials which I can highly recommend, by the way.

It was the first time in my life that I was able to "code" something without the need to code. This was a magical awareness and experience for me, because afterward for me it was clear that I can now create everything which I would like to or come up with.

From that day I started to think bigger and you can see the results of many sleepless nights and weekends in the "CREATIONS" folder.

During the time developing I discovered in the early beginning of 2020 the term "Metaverse".

I was about to release my last creation which I created within the last 8 months, within the next week, but my business "partner" scammed me on 31.08.2022 at around 2 pm CET and locked me out of all my business accounts and terminated my contract, from one second to another without any notice!

They so to say took my last masterpiece away from me, out of nothing.

This is very a very painful experience, but life needs to go on and I don't want to waste any more time with this issue anymore.

That's why I will move on and create the best Metaverse-like product within the next 12 months.

The sales of my creations will be the foundation for my new start.

And I will showcase the first iteration of the new Alpha at the end of October 2022 in Berlin.

If you have any questions please let me know.

The best way to reach me is via LinkedIn or here via email.

You find both information under the "bidding" tap.

Thank you very much!

The Metaversian

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