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alissia is a new virtual ecosystem for purpose driven experiences.

The project was initiated by the solo founder Bosco Bellinghausen.


He started back in 2019 with the first iteration.

Bosco's vision is to create an inclusive ecosystem for creators and brands alike.

The special thing is that there will only be 44 individual destinations within the alissia ecosystem.

Quality, ethics and meaningful user experiences first!

This is what alissia stands for and we will ensure that all destinations within our ecosystem will be safe for every visitor.


In addition to private destinations, Metaversians can engage in various social and business activities within the alissia ecosystem, such as providing immersive education or bringing history to life.

The possibilities for Metaversians, the members of alissia, are endless!

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We are not on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Telgram or Discord and Twitch!

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