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AI-Powered Virtual Human Assistants

A-Genz are alissia's groundbreaking AI-powered virtual human assistants. Merging cutting-edge AI with lifelike Unreal Engine 5 environments, A-Genz provide a truly immersive and engaging experience.

Designed to transform business, education, and entertainment, A-Genz are revolutionizing the way people interact with technology.


Our AI-powered virtual assistants come with distinct personas and intellect, offering a tailored and engaging experience for your clientele.

So, what distinguishes A-Genz from conventional chatbots?

Our groundbreaking approach fuses Virtual Humans, Unreal Engine 5 environments, and cloud computing to drive the evolution of chatbot technology.

With our pre-designed or custom-developed scenarios and lifelike avatars, your customers will experience the sensation of interacting with an actual individual.

Whether you require assistance in sales and customer care, a brand ambassador, a virtual educator or consultant, or a tour guide, A-Genz has the solution.

Additionally, our self-hosting and cloud solution options allow you to select the ideal configuration for your enterprise.

Don't compromise with a run-of-the-mill chatbot – enhance your customer experience with A-Genz.

Explore our video demonstrations showcasing our competencies, and witness firsthand how we can elevate your brand.


Begin your alissia journey in just three simple steps:

  1. Pick your desired virtual human and persona.

  2. Opt for an Unreal Engine 5 scene.

  3. Sit back and relax as we take care of the rest and deliver your customized solution!

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