Our virtual world for virtual worlds is going to be an experience unlike any other, bringing us together through this new digital format.
We put together something truly special and can’t wait
to have you take part.

!Experience the BETA now!

Just hit the play button and after 3min. you are ready to go!
The whole application gets installed on a machine in the cloud for you.
That's why there is no need to download anything!
Please be aware that this is a first iteration and we are improving the stable performance.

  • Make sure to switch into fullscreen mode.

  • No mobile support!

  • Please use at least a laptop and put your headphones on for the best possible experience + a fast internet connection!

Game Controls:

w  = forward                                
M = Menu

D  = Left                                        

S  = Back

A  = Right
V  = Camera Perspective

Mouse = Look around


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